Code of Conduct

      1. Ethical Business Practices: The management of Minerals Route (Pvt) Ltd. always believes in best practice and good business ethics. The Company expect honesty and courtesy from entire employees of MRP Ltd. We are transparent and forthcoming in all our dealings with our clients and all contacts. The management policy’s is to conduct business with honesty and integrity and be ethical in all its dealings, showing respect for the interest of those with whom it has relationship.
    • Principals of Code of Conduct:
    1. Good business regulations with sound ethics.
    2. Treat with greet and fair with each other.

    III. Perform tasks with the best interest of the organization without conflict of interest with each other.  

    1. Safeguard Assets and maintain reputation of the company.  
    I. Good business regulations with sound ethics.

    The paramount values are to conduct business with consistency with our customers, offer value in terms of price and quality and are safe for their intended use, satisfy customer needs and expectations. The Company is committed to run its business in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Company recognizes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and will contribute to community activities as a good corporate organization. The Company believes in and fully adheres to the reliability of financial reporting and transparent transactions, delivering in a timely and qualitative manner, prompt settling of accounts and other financial obligations, and honoring its commitments.

    II. Treat with greet and fair to each other.

    The Company encourages fair practice and honest communication among the entire thread of the employees. Relationship should be on reciprocal basis based on mutual respect and trust. Entire staff works as a team with the shared purpose of achieving goals set by the Company.

    III. Perform tasks with the best interest of the organization without conflict of interest with each other.

    Conflict of interest may arise when personal/ financial / social etc. interest place before the interest of the company. In some case it damages reputation as well, however many potential conflicts may be resolved simple and amicable way. If anyone encounters with conflict, he/she immediately approach their superior and inform him/ her regarding subject matter and ask his / her guidance.

    V. Safeguard Assets and maintain reputation of the Company.  

    Staff is responsible for proper use of company assets i.e., machinery, computers, and all other items that comes down under the term of assets, it must be protected, and everyone ensure its legitimate and proper use.  Theft, carelessness, mishandling, and waste should always be avoided. In compliance of above, every person of the company shall maintain integrity, good name, and reputation of the Company.

    • Relationship with Company:
    1. The company do not encourage conduct of any non-company business during working hours; utilizing confidential or proprietary information or processes gained as a company employee; or using company property or equipment for non-company uses (exceeding reasonable personal use)
    2. Offering or accepting a gift, entertainment, unless they fall under business custom, are immaterial and infrequent. The Company always discourage payments / gifts etc that could be viewed as a bribe.
    3. Discourage of accepting any personal benefit that is or could be interpreted as being given to the employees because of their seniority or role in the organization.
    4. During discharging of duties employees come across of various confidential & non-public information, however it is responsibility of the concerned person not just refraining but to avoid disclose it to unwarranted person.
    5. A regular interaction made between the executives & managers for reviewing company’s defined objectives & plans and other issues that affect the employees’ work environment.
    • Licenses and professional certifications

    The Company obtained professional licenses and certifications and have a personal responsibility to maintain such licenses and certifications in good standing through timely renewals.

    • Oppose exploitative, inhumane labor practices

    It is the utmost priority of MRP Ltd not to indulge in any inhuman labor practice. The Company sturdily believes in honest occupations and fair practice.

    • Health & Safety

    The Company is committed to provide safe and congenial environment for all the personnel of the organization. The management strongly opinioned for the safety and expect from all personnel to give landing hand for the safety of their colleagues in the workplace. 

    • Directors of the Company

    It is the responsibility of the directors to ensure that the above principals are complied with. Directors are responsible to maintain organizational effectiveness for the achievement of the Company’s goals and support to compliance of legal requirements. The Directors of Company will ensure to promote a culture that supports enterprise and innovation with appropriate short term and long-term performance related rewards that are fair and achievable in motivating management and employees effectively.