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Minerals Route was founded in 2013, fueled by nothing more than a fiery tenacity to succeed and a relentless drive to become the most sought-after manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of Himalayan Salt products, as well as onyx, marble, and granite kitchen accessories and home décor.  With no outside funding, no industry connections, and no capital to speak of, Minerals Route was established firmly at ground zero, with nothing but roadblocks and pitfalls on the pathway to success.  However, through grit and determination, Minerals Route overcame very obstacle and quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of Himalayan Salt and fine mineral products – reaching milestone after milestone in record time.  Today, Minerals Route is an award-winning supplier of high-quality semi-precious stone products, and has expanded from Himalayan Salt Lamps to a wide assortment of products such as bath salts, USB salt lamps, salt candle holders, mortars and pestles, cutting boards, decorative items, souvenirs, and custom made items.


Minerals Route transforming raw minerals and materials into products that promote food, healing, beauty, and well-being.