Onyx & Marble Handicrafts of Pakistan.

Pakistan's Onyx Handicrafts:

A Inimitable Combination of Tradition and Culture. Pakistan has the difference of being among that a few of countries in the world that have been blessed with several minerals and marble varieties. The most well-known and high-class valuable stone in marbles is the Onyx, which is mainly found in the gas craters of magma. Our onyx is popular for making handicrafts of decorative items, and we use in creating indoor as well as outdoor figures and shapes. Pakistan has a rich history of using onyx as a common gem and can be found referenced in many of its historic and cultural & traditional stories where people of old cut onyx and seashells to create lovely bloomy and geometric designs, which are often mirrored in old paintings and historical objects.

The fame of onyx handicrafts can be found almost in all European nations. The Early Romans and Greeks are moderately famous for their extravagant onyx and all-purpose marble handicrafts, oftentimes, full outdoor monuments and in some cases whole building columns were made with onyx. The unique semi-transparent nature of onyx makes it an ideal choice for decorative purposes.