Natural Shape Rock Salt Lamp

Our handmade Himalayan salt lamp is a hand cut tower of deeply glowing pink to orange pure natural rock of salt with a strong and stable neem wooden base.

It stands around 8 inches high and usually weighs about 4.4 to 6.6 pounds (2 to 3 kg) though, as all Himalayan Natural Crystal Rock Salt Lamps are handmade, there will always be some variation in sizes and shapes.

We made Himalayan salt lamp from authentic rock salt crystals which comes from the foot heels of Himalaya's and  that is clearly well made and comes with a FCC, CE approved and also UL certified dimmer controlled switch if you’d like a romantic glow in the evening.

The light bulb on mine hasn’t needed replacement in well over a year of daily use. When you do eventually need a replacement bulb though, remember to use 15W and 25W incandescent bulbs made especially for salt lamps.

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